Commander Will Riker (cmdr_riker) wrote,
Commander Will Riker

Personal Log

Personal Log: Riker, William T. - Commander

It's good to finally back from Risa. Not that it isn't a beautiful planet, it is, but the Enterprise is just more my speed.

Actually, let me rephrase: the Enterprise is more my speed when her crew is working with their customary efficiency. During my absence, a virus hit the ship, incapacitating the crew. Worf tells me we lost nearly an entire shift's worth of work before it was contained. I think I'll have the Science Department do an overview of our decontamination procedures, to keep this from happening again. We are the flagship, after all, we have a reputation for excellence to keep up.

My little mystery is closer to being solved. Worf has agreed to lend his formidable code-breaking skills to decrypting it. Is it from my Dad? Or was my finding it just after I visited with him just a coincidence? If it was from my Dad, why go to all the trouble of an encrypted message?
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